Katara massages Aang’s cock on Appa’s back

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Resting on Appa’s huge back, I’ve noticed that Aang’s wiener was pushing his pants through, requiring some attention. As I was completely not against some fun, I gently pulled his pants down, exposing his huge boner. My God, it was enormous! A rock-hard cock made my throbbing pussy become wet in seconds! I grabbed his dick with my hand, stroking it with swift movements, and touched it softly with my tongue. Aang’s faint moan told me I was on the right way, so I squeezed his stick a little tighter, caressing his balls with the other hand at the same time. I licked and tickled his pole, massaging it and sliding my hand up and down it, making it give up and spit out all the cum it had. And soon I’ve managed to make him cum, sprinkling his load all over my perky tits.

Katara enjoys Aang's cock


Katara has beautiful sex before storm

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As a mighty storm headed towards our place, Aang suddenly felt extremely horny and I just couldn’t resist him. His mighty hands grabbed me like a plush toy and fit over his tense cock, making me moan from pain! He slammed my sexy pussy hard, and soon it started soaking with hot juice which spilled on the ground. I moaned and wriggled, squeezing my huge tits in a wild orgasm which seemed to never end. The clouds quickly became thicker and the smell of ozone filled the air. A couple of thunderclaps muffled our mutual scream as Aang came right inside my twat, filling it with hot slippery semen. In a couple of minutes it was all over and we hurried up to hide from the coming storm.

Nude Katara jammed by Aang


Aang breaks loose and fucks surprised Toph

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Something strange happened to Aang today. Usually cheerful and relatively calm, he’s now become mad and fired up! I’ve caught up with him on the Great Wall of China, where he and Toph went for some sight seeing. What I saw there was stunning – Aang nailed Toph’s plump ass, rumpling and slapping it with all his force! He was so ablaze with anger he naturally glowed with fire! Toph’s butt had a hard time – Aang’s mighty cock pierced it through, hitting her stomach from inside, and it seemed like her stretched chocolate hole was going to rip apart! It was rather scary to look into Toph’s widely open eyes, but in the meantime it really turned me on! It was one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever experienced…

Aang fucks Toph


Momo pounds Katara hard

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Though Momo caught me off my guard, I was rather pleased with his initiative to fuck my wet cunt which quickly started oozing with juice. I let him dominate me from behind, feeling like a little whore as his strong dick pumped me hard, making me moan and wriggle from unbearable pleasure. To my delight, Momo was absolutely restless, and I came for a dozen times before his meaty snake finally burst out with creamy cum, filling me from inside. I felt stunned, my head became heavy and I couldn’t realize a thing ‘cause of those multiple orgasms. Right after her came I fell on the ground senseless, dreaming of a long rest after this tremendous fuck.


Momo abuses Katara once again

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This filthy Momo just can’t stop! Though I gave him a nice blowjob, he’s not intending to stop! Considering that I had just come out of water and stood there absolutely helpless, pulling my panties down was a piece of cake for this tricky bastard. He aimed for my gaping twat, and he gave it his best shot! I shook with surprise when I felt his muscled wiener penetrate my hole, sliding inside like a torpedo into its tube. Then he started destroying me from the inside, pounding my snatch with all his force. It’s amazing how one little lemur can have such lust and sex power in his tiny body!


Momo stuffs Katara’s warm mouth with his cock

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Something weird happened to Momo today. I know that I’m hot and as I walk out of the water, the shiny drops that run down my huge tits can drive any man insane, but Momo? This wicked lemur has got perhaps the biggest boner in his entire life! He didn’t give me time to recollect myself and shoved his rigid sausage right inside my mouth! I almost choked with his meaty pole, but feeling it with my tongue was surprisingly pleasant, so I didn’t try to shoo him away. Instead of that I started sucking it dry, feeling it filling with hot juice second after second. I saw his eyes growing larger as he experienced new feelings unusual for him.


Katara gets her pussy loaded with cum

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My snatch was soaking with juice and I demanded more than just a quick oral. Aang felt quite horny, too, and he was very glad when I jumped on tip of his rigid sausage. He started moving, very slowly, caressing my stiff nipples and whispering obscenities into my ear, which drove me crazy. Step by step, he increased his speed, and soon he began pumping me like a balloon – I was ready to blow up with inevitable orgasm! I leaned back and abutted upon his shoulders to tip my head back and burst into a wild scream which scared all the gulls away. This very moment Aang came, splashing his cum all over the soft sand under us, making my snatch slippery with his warm semen.


Trying 69 with Aang’s thick weapon

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As I was saying, I broke free from the ugly routine and went away to breathe some fresh ocean air, bringing my favorite love Aang with me. He chose the right moment to cling to my pussy, tickling it with his tongue and biting my clit gently with his soft lips. I felt so grateful that grabbed his stiff pole which was ready for action and started swallowing it, putting all my lust into this exciting blowjob. I felt him getting hornier as his petting became harsher, and increased my tempo, too. We came together with loud screams, but no one could hear us, ‘cause we were the only persons here, on this isolated beach. And this was just the beginning.


A sexy night with Aang on the beach

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All this everyday routine has bored me enough! I wanted to drive away, somewhere very far from here, to have a rest and listen to the nature. A desolate beach would do just fine, and I think I found one! I sat on the soft sand, breathing the salty air and watching the big waves crash down in front of my feet. And then Aang came, sitting right beside me and hugging me gently. Of course I couldn’t resist his charms at such a romantic moment, and let him pull down my panties to treat my throbbing pussy right. His skilful tongue did things I can’t express with words, and it felt like I bathed in the clouds, feeling one orgasm after another. It was a splendid night for us both…

Katara loves to ride on Aang’s huge dick

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I enjoy using Appa’s furry body as the perfect bed for my handsome Airbender to take me and make me his slut. I climb on his lap, pulling down on his trousers and pulling out his massive erection. I pull my clothes and panties to the side, so I can impale my wet snatch on his boner while I lift my top, showing him my full breasts and perky nipples. I caress his bald head while the bald head of his cock fucks me very hard, lubricating my already soaking twat with his pre cum, I anticipate his movements like the ebb of the oceans, wanting to feel the waves of his lust as he blows his load inside my body, filling me with hot cum!

Katara rides Aang's cock

Aang mounts Katara doggystyle on top of Appa

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My beautiful lover, Aang, is feeling very frisky today! With his pants around his waist and his huge dick protruding from underneath, he chases me in an attempt to mount me with animalistic force. I climb atop sleeping Appa but I am unable to escape. I feel Aang lifting my skirt and pulling my thong to the side. By now, it is completely soaked in my pussy juices as I lift my top and start massaging my big tits and hard nipples, feeling the warm fur of Appa on my hands and knees as Aang fucks me doggy style! He grabs my braid and pulls hard on it, it’s as if he were riding me like a mare. I love it, I love it so much I want him to cum inside me and let me lick the excess cum that falls over Appa’s fur skin.

Katara doggiestyled

Katara gives Aang and Sokka a shared blowjob

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It looks like Sokka has grown tired of waiting for my affections, seeing Aang and so many other fuck me to their delight, he feels it is time for him to take what he thinks is rightfully his. Aang is visibly turned on by this, stroking his huge dick in his hands and wondering what I will do. Sokka does not own me, but his passion and recklessness turns me on this instant, so I will let him take me, force his huge dick into my throat and make me worship his delicious, beautiful erection. I am wet, the waters of my sexuality aroused as I take turns sucking both Sokka and Aang, anxious to try both of my lover’s sweet sperm all over my lips and tonguez/p>

Katara sucking Sokka's cock

Azula deepthroats the monster cock of a furious Fire Lord

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I believe Sokka is quite jealous, watching me stuff my cock hungry mouth with the huge monster dick of this Fire Lord. My tits bounce up and down and I can feel how hard my nipples are as I gag on the meaty serpent slithering down my throat and pumping my belly full of the creamiest, hottest cum I have ever tasted. I know Sokka would like to take his place, but today he will have to do with whatever is left of after the Fire Lord fucks all my wet holes and makes me his trophy. Perhaps I should feel humiliated, used as such a sexual object, yet my desire and lust are such, I am having too much pleasure to worry about it!

Azula sucking big cock

Beautiful Katara getting double teamed

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It looks like I have bitten far more than I can swallow today! Turned on by Sokka’s big dick, I have demanded him to find a tag partner so I could get double penetrated, but judging by the huge size of his tag mate’s dick, it feels like I am going to be triple teamed! He spreads my legs so his huge monster cock can stab my gaping wide twat, I am dripping cunt juice like never before, almost fearing his cock will impale me and protrude from my open mouth as I bait for breath! Sokka seems both surprised and intimidates, I am not sure if by the girth of his pal’s huge dick or by my willingness to take it all the way inside me!

sexy Katara getting fucked

Katara wants her mouth, ass and pussy tag teamed

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Mmmm, Sokka, what can I say about brash Sokka and his huge, always erect cock? He is such a horny teen; he does not even respect the bonds of blood between us. I must confess I also get tempted some times, after all, his cock is so delicious and so is his creamy milk. He comes to me as I am bathing by the lake, he cannot conceal his throbbing erection as he checks out my naked body and big tits. I let him know I am turned on as well, but my appetite demands two hard cocks today, so he will have to find a tag partner so they can take my mouth, pussy and ass in 2 on 1 action!

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Azula rides hard on Aangs’ throbbing erection

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After fucking me very hard and in all possible ways, Aang still seems to be unsatisfied today. Some days, his sexual energy is such, even I find myself incapable of satisfying his cravings. With me, he has had enough water for a day, now he seeks fire, and in Zula he finds it. Burning hot Zula, with her voluptuous body and big breasts. Volcano hot Zula, with her dripping wet snatch sliding up and down his hard shaft and her red hot asshole begging for his soft tongue. Jealous and envious at the same time, I find myself masturbating so hard while I watch her ride his cock, wishing it was me he was fucking so savagely!

Azula rides Aang's hard dick

Katara riding the Avatar’s huge wang

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Our trip to this paradise island has been a delighfut hedonistic getaway. Yes, I have been forced to share my beautiful Aang with Azula and others, but it is well worth it. I consider it a sensual form of foreplay to watch him fuck the other girls, I know they don’t make him feel the way I do. I am his favorite and he lets me know it. The way he looks at me while fucking them, his gaze of pure animalistic lust as they suck his dick. When he finally cums to me his dick is so hard and my pussy is so wet, he slides into my inside effortlessly and fucks me very, very hard, harder than the other girls, filling my burning hot insides with his milky cum and making me orgasm over and over on top of his erect shaft!

Katara riding Avatar's cock

Katara gets hardcore action from the Airbender

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Aang has decided to give me his undivided attention today; he knows that puts a smile on my face that will last for days. I bathe and make myself beautiful for him, lotion over my naked skin and perfumes to excite his senses. He comes to me, bending me over and sliding his marvelous erection in between the crack of my meaty ass, telling me how hot it feels. I am so turned on, my pussy is dripping wet and I don’t care if he knows I am a dirty slut for him! My big breasts bounce up and down with my heavy breathing and my nipples are erect like arrowheads as he grabs my hair and jerks back with force, he is going to give me kinky hardcore sex, the way I love it!

Aang fucking Katara

Aang fingering June’s dripping snatch

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June is a beautiful, fierce woman, that much I must admit. A skilled bounty hunter, she knows how to get what she wants. I can understand why Aang fancies her so, her breath taking body, jet black silky hair, and the looks and attitude of a hooker in heat. She does very nasty and dirty things to my Airbender, things even I would not dare do… I can see Aang’s massive erection as he fingers her dripping wet twat by the beach. Her nipples look so hard and deliciously enticing, crowning her big breasts. I hate seeing Aang fuck her, if only they would invite me over, we could have an amazing threesome, and I wouldn’t mind one bit to get a taste of this carnal delicatessen that arouses my Airbender in such ways…

Aang fingering June's pussy

Azula giving Aang a hot blowjob at the beach

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My beautiful Aang has taken me and some of his girlfriends to a vacation on a desolate paradise island. Yes, sharing his big hard dick and delicious body with somebody else is a displeasure, but I will do what it takes to keep my Avatar happy. I can see him now, playing naked on the beach, the sand all over his naked body as he gets his huge dick sucked by the fiery Azula. Her red hot nature ignites the deepest passions in him, as she fingers her dripping twat and deepthroats his erection, so big I can only imagine it reaches all the way into her stomach! I will watch from the distance and masturbate with the beautiful view of my lover getting head from another woman, my turn will cum soon enough…

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