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Katara and Toph battle in mud

November 20, 2009 - 11:25 am 2 Comments

When a Waterbender and an Earthbender meet, anything can happen! Toph can be a hard adversary to battle with, but the unexpected twists always manage to turn me on! By the time our battle is over, we find ourselves totally naked, glistening in sweat amongst a pool of mud created by the blending of our elemental powers of water and earth. The same way, we blend together, our naked and sweaty toon bodies covered in mud as we kiss and touch, our pussies are so wet and hot with excitement!

Sexy Katara and Toph catfighting

Toph gets fucked hard by Aang’s big dick

November 9, 2009 - 4:08 pm 2 Comments

Earth and water are like brothers or sisters, powerful forces of nature that can clash and collide like fierce warriors or tender lovers. Toph turns me on like few girls can, every time the Earthbender is close to me, I feel myself like clay, ready to be molded under her skillful hands and wet tongue. Sharing her is not easy, but it gets me so hot every time I watch Aang fuck her wet pussy, I always end up masturbating myself, spying on these lovers and wishing to join them in a lustful threesome…

Naked Toph fucked by Aang

Welcome to Avatar Porn Diary

November 2, 2009 - 11:28 pm No Comments

Welcome to Avatar Porn Diary. Katara write about powerful strength of sex like 6 element.