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Katara 69’s a sexy naked Toph

February 26, 2010 - 12:35 pm No Comments

Mmmm, how I love to play with dirt, clay, mud, or why not, with a sexy earth bender such as Toph! I hide her clothes while she bathes, and see her desperately crawling on all fours, practically naked, looking for them. Her perfectly round butt and wet snatch turn me on, I approach as silently as I can, but I know she already is aware of my presence, still it is nice to play pretend! I sneak under her and grab her buttocks firmly, sinking my tongue into her wet slit. Where her clothes are doe not matter anymore, we don’t need them for what we are about to do!

sexy naked Toph

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Katara enjoys a very steamy bath

February 12, 2010 - 2:42 pm 1 Comment

I enjoy taking long, steamy baths, being immersed in my element, water, is such a sensual experience for me. When I get out of the water, by wet body is still releasing steam, I can feel my nipples erect and my pink pussy dripping wet with arousal. I can almost sense Aang nearby; I know he likes to spy on me when I bathe. I will play with my towel and my fingers, rub and caress my entire body and finger myself for him, I bet I will hear him when he cums!

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Katara and Toph get naked together

February 1, 2010 - 6:52 pm 1 Comment

Sexy Toph and I love to spend time together; our bodies always seem to be in tune, just like our elements, water and earth! I love her petite, yet firm, body, it’s so easy to get her naked and ready for my naughty games. Yes, Toph is something of a tomboy, but that only excites me further, making love to her is such a sensation, her sense of touch, smell and taste seems to be enhanced by her lack of sight. Toph may not see me, but, boy, can she feel me!

Toph get naked