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Aang mounts Katara doggystyle on top of Appa

December 31, 2010 - 11:08 pm No Comments

My beautiful lover, Aang, is feeling very frisky today! With his pants around his waist and his huge dick protruding from underneath, he chases me in an attempt to mount me with animalistic force. I climb atop sleeping Appa but I am unable to escape. I feel Aang lifting my skirt and pulling my thong to the side. By now, it is completely soaked in my pussy juices as I lift my top and start massaging my big tits and hard nipples, feeling the warm fur of Appa on my hands and knees as Aang fucks me doggy style! He grabs my braid and pulls hard on it, it’s as if he were riding me like a mare. I love it, I love it so much I want him to cum inside me and let me lick the excess cum that falls over Appa’s fur skin.

Katara doggiestyled

Katara gives Aang and Sokka a shared blowjob

December 21, 2010 - 6:50 pm No Comments

It looks like Sokka has grown tired of waiting for my affections, seeing Aang and so many other fuck me to their delight, he feels it is time for him to take what he thinks is rightfully his. Aang is visibly turned on by this, stroking his huge dick in his hands and wondering what I will do. Sokka does not own me, but his passion and recklessness turns me on this instant, so I will let him take me, force his huge dick into my throat and make me worship his delicious, beautiful erection. I am wet, the waters of my sexuality aroused as I take turns sucking both Sokka and Aang, anxious to try both of my lover’s sweet sperm all over my lips and tonguez/p>

Katara sucking Sokka's cock

Azula deepthroats the monster cock of a furious Fire Lord

December 11, 2010 - 10:18 am 1 Comment

I believe Sokka is quite jealous, watching me stuff my cock hungry mouth with the huge monster dick of this Fire Lord. My tits bounce up and down and I can feel how hard my nipples are as I gag on the meaty serpent slithering down my throat and pumping my belly full of the creamiest, hottest cum I have ever tasted. I know Sokka would like to take his place, but today he will have to do with whatever is left of after the Fire Lord fucks all my wet holes and makes me his trophy. Perhaps I should feel humiliated, used as such a sexual object, yet my desire and lust are such, I am having too much pleasure to worry about it!

Azula sucking big cock

Beautiful Katara getting double teamed

December 2, 2010 - 1:31 pm No Comments

It looks like I have bitten far more than I can swallow today! Turned on by Sokka’s big dick, I have demanded him to find a tag partner so I could get double penetrated, but judging by the huge size of his tag mate’s dick, it feels like I am going to be triple teamed! He spreads my legs so his huge monster cock can stab my gaping wide twat, I am dripping cunt juice like never before, almost fearing his cock will impale me and protrude from my open mouth as I bait for breath! Sokka seems both surprised and intimidates, I am not sure if by the girth of his pal’s huge dick or by my willingness to take it all the way inside me!

sexy Katara getting fucked