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Katara gets her pussy loaded with cum

December 21, 2011 - 7:08 pm No Comments

My snatch was soaking with juice and I demanded more than just a quick oral. Aang felt quite horny, too, and he was very glad when I jumped on tip of his rigid sausage. He started moving, very slowly, caressing my stiff nipples and whispering obscenities into my ear, which drove me crazy. Step by step, he increased his speed, and soon he began pumping me like a balloon – I was ready to blow up with inevitable orgasm! I leaned back and abutted upon his shoulders to tip my head back and burst into a wild scream which scared all the gulls away. This very moment Aang came, splashing his cum all over the soft sand under us, making my snatch slippery with his warm semen.


Trying 69 with Aang’s thick weapon

December 9, 2011 - 7:05 pm No Comments

As I was saying, I broke free from the ugly routine and went away to breathe some fresh ocean air, bringing my favorite love Aang with me. He chose the right moment to cling to my pussy, tickling it with his tongue and biting my clit gently with his soft lips. I felt so grateful that grabbed his stiff pole which was ready for action and started swallowing it, putting all my lust into this exciting blowjob. I felt him getting hornier as his petting became harsher, and increased my tempo, too. We came together with loud screams, but no one could hear us, ‘cause we were the only persons here, on this isolated beach. And this was just the beginning.