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Katara has beautiful sex before storm

February 21, 2012 - 2:58 pm No Comments

As a mighty storm headed towards our place, Aang suddenly felt extremely horny and I just couldn’t resist him. His mighty hands grabbed me like a plush toy and fit over his tense cock, making me moan from pain! He slammed my sexy pussy hard, and soon it started soaking with hot juice which spilled on the ground. I moaned and wriggled, squeezing my huge tits in a wild orgasm which seemed to never end. The clouds quickly became thicker and the smell of ozone filled the air. A couple of thunderclaps muffled our mutual scream as Aang came right inside my twat, filling it with hot slippery semen. In a couple of minutes it was all over and we hurried up to hide from the coming storm.

Nude Katara jammed by Aang


Aang breaks loose and fucks surprised Toph

February 11, 2012 - 2:31 pm No Comments

Something strange happened to Aang today. Usually cheerful and relatively calm, he’s now become mad and fired up! I’ve caught up with him on the Great Wall of China, where he and Toph went for some sight seeing. What I saw there was stunning – Aang nailed Toph’s plump ass, rumpling and slapping it with all his force! He was so ablaze with anger he naturally glowed with fire! Toph’s butt had a hard time – Aang’s mighty cock pierced it through, hitting her stomach from inside, and it seemed like her stretched chocolate hole was going to rip apart! It was rather scary to look into Toph’s widely open eyes, but in the meantime it really turned me on! It was one of the weirdest moments I’ve ever experienced…

Aang fucks Toph