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A sexy night with Aang on the beach

November 28, 2011 - 6:23 pm Comments Off on A sexy night with Aang on the beach

All this everyday routine has bored me enough! I wanted to drive away, somewhere very far from here, to have a rest and listen to the nature. A desolate beach would do just fine, and I think I found one! I sat on the soft sand, breathing the salty air and watching the big waves crash down in front of my feet. And then Aang came, sitting right beside me and hugging me gently. Of course I couldn’t resist his charms at such a romantic moment, and let him pull down my panties to treat my throbbing pussy right. His skilful tongue did things I can’t express with words, and it felt like I bathed in the clouds, feeling one orgasm after another. It was a splendid night for us both…

Beautiful Katara getting double teamed

December 2, 2010 - 1:31 pm Comments Off on Beautiful Katara getting double teamed

It looks like I have bitten far more than I can swallow today! Turned on by Sokka’s big dick, I have demanded him to find a tag partner so I could get double penetrated, but judging by the huge size of his tag mate’s dick, it feels like I am going to be triple teamed! He spreads my legs so his huge monster cock can stab my gaping wide twat, I am dripping cunt juice like never before, almost fearing his cock will impale me and protrude from my open mouth as I bait for breath! Sokka seems both surprised and intimidates, I am not sure if by the girth of his pal’s huge dick or by my willingness to take it all the way inside me!

sexy Katara getting fucked