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Azula rides hard on Aangs’ throbbing erection

November 13, 2010 - 10:54 pm Comments Off on Azula rides hard on Aangs’ throbbing erection

After fucking me very hard and in all possible ways, Aang still seems to be unsatisfied today. Some days, his sexual energy is such, even I find myself incapable of satisfying his cravings. With me, he has had enough water for a day, now he seeks fire, and in Zula he finds it. Burning hot Zula, with her voluptuous body and big breasts. Volcano hot Zula, with her dripping wet snatch sliding up and down his hard shaft and her red hot asshole begging for his soft tongue. Jealous and envious at the same time, I find myself masturbating so hard while I watch her ride his cock, wishing it was me he was fucking so savagely!

Azula rides Aang's hard dick

Katara riding the Avatar’s huge wang

November 8, 2010 - 7:34 pm Comments Off on Katara riding the Avatar’s huge wang

Our trip to this paradise island has been a delighfut hedonistic getaway. Yes, I have been forced to share my beautiful Aang with Azula and others, but it is well worth it. I consider it a sensual form of foreplay to watch him fuck the other girls, I know they don’t make him feel the way I do. I am his favorite and he lets me know it. The way he looks at me while fucking them, his gaze of pure animalistic lust as they suck his dick. When he finally cums to me his dick is so hard and my pussy is so wet, he slides into my inside effortlessly and fucks me very, very hard, harder than the other girls, filling my burning hot insides with his milky cum and making me orgasm over and over on top of his erect shaft!

Katara riding Avatar's cock

Azula feels the hard cock of the Avatar inside her

April 29, 2010 - 4:41 pm Comments Off on Azula feels the hard cock of the Avatar inside her

Avatar is restless, the more ability he gains as a pussy bender, the more endurance! He can go on for days and days now, taking turns fucking all of us until we are exhausted and our pussies are cramped from so many multiple orgasms! First it is I and Toph, and now it is the turn of the fire bender Azula. She is so beautiful! Her body is perfect, with delicious curves and big bubble shaped breasts, their nipples erect as the Avatar’s cock impales her body, almost splitting it in two with the amazing force with which he fucks her!

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