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Aang fingering June’s dripping snatch

November 8, 2010 - 2:43 pm Comments Off on Aang fingering June’s dripping snatch

June is a beautiful, fierce woman, that much I must admit. A skilled bounty hunter, she knows how to get what she wants. I can understand why Aang fancies her so, her breath taking body, jet black silky hair, and the looks and attitude of a hooker in heat. She does very nasty and dirty things to my Airbender, things even I would not dare do… I can see Aang’s massive erection as he fingers her dripping wet twat by the beach. Her nipples look so hard and deliciously enticing, crowning her big breasts. I hate seeing Aang fuck her, if only they would invite me over, we could have an amazing threesome, and I wouldn’t mind one bit to get a taste of this carnal delicatessen that arouses my Airbender in such ways…

Aang fingering June's pussy