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Katara massages Aang’s cock on Appa’s back

March 2, 2012 - 12:12 pm Comments Off on Katara massages Aang’s cock on Appa’s back

Resting on Appa’s huge back, I’ve noticed that Aang’s wiener was pushing his pants through, requiring some attention. As I was completely not against some fun, I gently pulled his pants down, exposing his huge boner. My God, it was enormous! A rock-hard cock made my throbbing pussy become wet in seconds! I grabbed his dick with my hand, stroking it with swift movements, and touched it softly with my tongue. Aang’s faint moan told me I was on the right way, so I squeezed his stick a little tighter, caressing his balls with the other hand at the same time. I licked and tickled his pole, massaging it and sliding my hand up and down it, making it give up and spit out all the cum it had. And soon I’ve managed to make him cum, sprinkling his load all over my perky tits.

Katara enjoys Aang's cock


Katara has beautiful sex before storm

February 21, 2012 - 2:58 pm Comments Off on Katara has beautiful sex before storm

As a mighty storm headed towards our place, Aang suddenly felt extremely horny and I just couldn’t resist him. His mighty hands grabbed me like a plush toy and fit over his tense cock, making me moan from pain! He slammed my sexy pussy hard, and soon it started soaking with hot juice which spilled on the ground. I moaned and wriggled, squeezing my huge tits in a wild orgasm which seemed to never end. The clouds quickly became thicker and the smell of ozone filled the air. A couple of thunderclaps muffled our mutual scream as Aang came right inside my twat, filling it with hot slippery semen. In a couple of minutes it was all over and we hurried up to hide from the coming storm.

Nude Katara jammed by Aang


Momo abuses Katara once again

January 17, 2012 - 7:18 pm 2 Comments

This filthy Momo just can’t stop! Though I gave him a nice blowjob, he’s not intending to stop! Considering that I had just come out of water and stood there absolutely helpless, pulling my panties down was a piece of cake for this tricky bastard. He aimed for my gaping twat, and he gave it his best shot! I shook with surprise when I felt his muscled wiener penetrate my hole, sliding inside like a torpedo into its tube. Then he started destroying me from the inside, pounding my snatch with all his force. It’s amazing how one little lemur can have such lust and sex power in his tiny body!