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Momo pounds Katara hard

January 30, 2012 - 7:20 pm Comments Off on Momo pounds Katara hard

Though Momo caught me off my guard, I was rather pleased with his initiative to fuck my wet cunt which quickly started oozing with juice. I let him dominate me from behind, feeling like a little whore as his strong dick pumped me hard, making me moan and wriggle from unbearable pleasure. To my delight, Momo was absolutely restless, and I came for a dozen times before his meaty snake finally burst out with creamy cum, filling me from inside. I felt stunned, my head became heavy and I couldn’t realize a thing ‘cause of those multiple orgasms. Right after her came I fell on the ground senseless, dreaming of a long rest after this tremendous fuck.


Momo stuffs Katara’s warm mouth with his cock

January 3, 2012 - 7:14 pm Comments Off on Momo stuffs Katara’s warm mouth with his cock

Something weird happened to Momo today. I know that I’m hot and as I walk out of the water, the shiny drops that run down my huge tits can drive any man insane, but Momo? This wicked lemur has got perhaps the biggest boner in his entire life! He didn’t give me time to recollect myself and shoved his rigid sausage right inside my mouth! I almost choked with his meaty pole, but feeling it with my tongue was surprisingly pleasant, so I didn’t try to shoo him away. Instead of that I started sucking it dry, feeling it filling with hot juice second after second. I saw his eyes growing larger as he experienced new feelings unusual for him.